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There are so many virtual programs out there, specifically in times of Covid-19. While it seems we have a lot of time to spare and nothing better to do — how can you make sure that when you put in the time, that you maximize your outcome? As a graduate of the DLT Talents program, I was exposed with exactly that question on my mind and here are my two cents about this topic.

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I applied for the program when I was at the end of my master thesis, knowing I want to continue to learn more about Blockchain. The…

My own journey started in September 2017. It all started with a lunch with colleagues. One of them would often speak about Blockchain. That very day he forgot his wallet and I offered to pay for his lunch. Once we came back to the office, he was holding his wallet in his hand and asked: “Do you want your money back in FIAT or bitcoin?” I decided for the latter and this is how it started for me...

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Blockchain remains one of the hot topics in our economy and society. However, it is mainly driven and shaped by men. …

Do you know the feeling when you hear about something new? Someone explains it with a passion you have not heard before and yet you do not understand what this person is talking about? You wonder what is going on, but you simply don’t get it? Well, that was me four years ago…it was the day I heard about Blockchain for the first time…and now I am one of them. I got infected with the same passion.

How it all began.

To this day I remember when a colleague was explaining the technology to me and making frequent references to terms like Bitcoin, DAO…

Maria R

Blockchain enthusiast, DLT Talent, citizen of the world and strong believer in lifelong learning.

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